New Era Of Dentistry In City Of Lakes-Udaipur

Cosmetic and implant dentistry are new upcoming treatment modalities that have been lesser known among the people undergoing for dental treatments of decayed and missing teeth.
Dr. Siddharth Jain (MDS) and Dr. Mahak Jain (BDS) from Mumbai Multispecialty Dental Clinic, Madhuban, Udaipur are coming up with these new treatment procedures for people of Udaipur with advanced equipments.
Dental Implant is an Artificial Tooth Root that is surgically anchored into your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge in place. The benefit of using implants is that they don’t rely on neighboring teeth for support and they are permanent and stable. Implants are good solutions to tooth loss because they look and feel like natural teeth. Implant material is made from different types of metallic and bone-like ceramic materials that are compatible with body tissue.
From subtle changes to major repairs, we perform a variety of procedures to improve your smile. There are many techniques and options to treat teeth that are discolored, chipped, misshapen or missing. We can reshape your teeth, close spaces, restore worn or short teeth or alter the length of your teeth. Common procedures include Bleaching, Bonding, Crowns, Veneers and Reshaping and Contouring. These improvements are not always just cosmetic. Many of these treatments can improve oral problems, such as your bite.
Mumbai Multispecialty Dental Clinic provides you all kinds of Dental Treatment under one roof with Digital X-Ray, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Single Sitting Root Canal Treatments, Flexible Dentures, Orthodontic Treatments, Kids Dentistry and Pre-Wedding Smile Makeover Packages.
Located in the heart of city, Mumabi Dental Clinic is easy to approach, and equipped with the latest technology in dental treatment. Nowadays aesthetic, cosmetic appearance of the person is most important for all age groups; here we are providing cosmetic treatment to those who are having problems with their facial appearance due to their teeth.
Dr. Siddharth says, “Every age group of patient is our prime concern for the treatment. We promise to provide the best available treatment in the city. Our qualified teams check the patient thoroughly, diagnose the problem and discuss the treatment plan with the patient along with pros & cons of the treatment. Pictures are shown to the patients so they can differentiate pre-operative and post-operative conditions of their teeth. Material, whatever is used by us is high end dental specificity type of material that causes less harm to the natural tooth and prevents it from further damage.
Mumbai Clinic promises high end expert advice to those who are considering work done or treatment on their teeth.

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