6 Superfoods to Chew On For A Lifetime of Healthy Smile: By Dr. Siddharth Jain (BDS, MDS)

The above headline is a real reflection about the topic I am going to share with. For Years, I have tried to come across with tips, techniques, and hacks to keep my dental health top notch. This time, I have undergone serious research and rechecked my facts before coming up with this infographic. I know, dental clinic visit can be a pain sometimes. This includes scheduled sitting, timely medication and regular checkups.

Today I am going to share an interesting visual where I have assembled all the best things to include in your diet, which will give you a lifetime of healthy smile and maintaining this helped me and surely will help you too.

These foods are easily available and easiest to add in the list. I have managed to find out best and most prescribed foods to add in this infographic.

View The Infographic

. So Let’s Start

These Superfoods Will Make Your Day:

  • Raw Milk/Yogurt: Milk provides a good source of calcium. They act as a powerful acid neutralizer to kill plaque creating bacteria.  Yogurt Is also a good source of protein and probiotics, which builds up the oral immunity.
  • Apples: Apples are abundant in natural sugars, which help in cleansing the mouth from harmful acids. Chewing an apple also promotes development of saliva, which also fights bacteria.
  • Leafy greens: They contain folic acid in them, which are good source for healthy gum and keep teeth shiny and strong.
  • Carrots:  Carrots act as natural scrubbers for our teeth, they hold huge amounts of keratin and Vitamin A. Carrots are also very good for hardening of tooth enamel.
  • Onions:  Raw onion is very healthy.  They hold various antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that aid in killing plaque causing bacteria. Chewing a raw onion also strengthens gums and teeth as well.
  • Green and Black Tea:  Tea contains a massive source of polyphenols. They are very efficient in cavity-fighting properties. Drinking black or green tea on regular basis improves oral immunity and minimizes plaque.






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