Know Your Dental Need: By Siddharth Jain (BDS, MDS)

  1. For Kids, We Have a Special Doctor: In dental discipline, a dentist who treats dental problems of kids, they are known as kid’s dentist or pedodontist or pediatric dentist. They deal particularly under the age range of infant till teenage years. They specialize in general oral hygiene, painless tooth removal and temporary dentures etc are covered under this specialization. To consult one, a multispecialty clinic near your area will be willing to conduct such procedure
  2. General dentist, who we all know: This is the most popular type of dentist we know of. The dental treatment they provide is widely popular. They hold specialization in giving root canal treatment, and overall dental health. They also provide gum treatment, bridges, and dental fillings. A dental hospital or oral treatment clinic near Udaipur will be able to diagnose such issues easily.
  3. Whenever you need Braces, Call an Orthodontist: have you ever found someone with braces or some oral fittings inserted. That means, they have gone to an orthodontist. An orthodontist performs oral surgeries to improve the irregularities of mouth, jaw and facial abnormalities. A dental clinic or dental implants centre in Udaipur will be able to suffice the requirement
  4. Lost a Tooth, Ask a Prosthodontist: They specialize in replacement or repair of lost tooth. This involves crowns, caps to bring the symmetry in the dental structure. They also implement dental implants to prevent or correct deformities. Mumbai dental clinic is one of the most preferred centre to conduct such surgeries.
  5. Get the affected face right with maxillofacial surgery: After a crucial accident or mishap or due to mouth cancer the face may get affected. To repair such areas, maxillofacial surgery is very helpful. They can refix the jaw, align face symmetry and restructuring of dental structure. Such surgeries are very complex and time taking but reap very high benefits.
  6. Gum and bone-related problems, any periodontist here: If you have faced any gum-related diseases, any bone regeneration or diagnosing and treatment of such issues. Periodontist is one call away. They specialize in refix of such areas more prominently.

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