Best Oral Hygiene Tips to Follow This Monsoon- By Dr. Siddharth Jain (BDS, MDS)

  • Eat Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables: This monsoon make a habit of eating season’s best fruits and vegetables in one’s diet. Stock up the fridge with best available vegetables. Avoid indulgence in fatty or fried food items.
  • Start Floss: Make flossing a daily routine in monsoon. This will ward off food items and reduces the chances of cavity, as these times chances of cavity is more prone to happen. Flossing not only reduces the chances of cavity and but keeps the mouth odour free.
  • Avoid Carbonated Drinks: This monsoon minus the intake of carbonated or high sugar drinks. They pose a negative impact on the enamel of the tooth. High on sugar foods are highly susceptible for bacterial attacks.
  • Increase Intake of Citrus Fruits: Fruits which are high on Vitamin C are must to take this monsoon. Lemons are the best source of vitamin C, which increases the gum longevity and tissues surrounding the teeth.
  • Avoid Hot Drinks: Hot drinks, such as, Tea, Coffee, etc are a Big NO NO, during this monsoon. We all know how we crave for hot drinks during this monsoon. But this tends to hurt the nerve tissues of teeth. So, drinking warm beverage is recommended this season for better oral safety.
  • Give Doctor a Visit: During monsoon we face lots of trouble with our body. In order to mitigate that, giving doctor a visit is a must. Same way, monsoon brings variety of diseases in our system. To avoid such scenario, giving doctor a visit is a must. This way, we will be able to stay fit and good this monsoon.

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