5 Must Night Time Oral Tips For Healthier Teeth: By Siddharth Jain (MDS, BDS)

We often heard that, oral brushing at nighttime is very beneficial. Night-time oral care provides extra care and ward off diseases and cavities. But it is not only confined to brushing, they we need to check for 360 degree care. In this article, we will see how different types of care we can adopt to maintain healthy gums.

  1. Use Mouthwash: After a meal, it is necessary to use mouthwash. Mouth wash not only cleanses your mouth. It also clears out the fragments of food from nooks and corners. Mouthwash also freshens out the breath.
  2. Floss Regularly: As Per medical research says, flossing is equally necessary as brushing. Flossing regularly not only minimizes plaque, but also makes stronger gums and whiter teeth. As it eliminates bacteria from toughest places easily. So, during night time flossing very vital for your mouth.
  3. Beware Of Grinding: Teeth grinding is habit of many people. They tend to do it unintentionally.  But some don’t realize that, grinding over a period of time may rupture the top layer of the teeth. Thus it may lead to asymmetry among the teeth pattern.
  4. Brush before Bed: Brushing before bed happens to be very good habit. It removes tartar, plaque and other dental diseases. After a meal, if we skip the brushing normally food particles stay in the mouth till the next brush. So, it helps bacteria to grow in the mouth. To avoid that, night time brushing is a healthy recommendation by dentist.
  5. Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol: Usually, we go out with friends and families to attend some event or functions. Such places have abundance in tobacco and alcohol. Creating a bad breath in our mouth and which stays for a long time, reducing the capacity of gums and enamel. It is suggested avoiding alcohol and tobacco makes for a stronger gum line.

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