Get Rid Of Bad Breath!- By Dr. Siddharth Jain (BDS, MDS)

Bad breath is often caused when bacteria is building in the mouth, teeth and the cavity. That causes inflammation and gives away bad odor in the mouth.  The main cause of bad breath can be due to food residual, cavities, gum disease, and unclean dentures.

It is no rocket science, but timely care is indeed of utmost importance. These tips will help in reducing the effect of bad breath. Here they are,

  1. Watch your Diet: We exhale, what we eat. Eating a healthy and balanced diet marginalizes that effect. Eating on raw carrots, celery, apples. They help in getting the debris out and also makes the breath fresh.
  2. Avoid Coffee: Over drinking of coffee hurts the odor structure of mouth and it is a tough to get off. Subtracting them from the daily routine will not only minus effect of caffeine but also it keep the breath fresh too.
  3. Drink Water: after every meal, drinking ample amount of water cleanses the mouth as it washes away all kinds of dirt and residues. Drinking milk can also help in reducing the bacterial effect on the teeth. Avoid sugary drink as well, as they also perpetuate bacterial growth.
  4. Cut on Alcohol and Tobacco: Too much hard liquor, beer, and tobacco can reek the breath up to 8-10 hours after consuming one. Cutting on the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, improves the breath and also prevents teeth lose its natural color.
  5. Use breath mints carefully: Breath mints provide a temporary solution to bad breath, but using the mints for long term may increase the bacterial growth, as they contain sugar as their base ingredient. Sugar will sit on your mouth and may deteriorate the condition far ahead the recovery.

Getting these tips into action, may require some time to get adjusted to.  But these will help in getting rid of bad breath in the long term.  If the problem still persists, get an appointment of dental specialist or get it checked at a dental clinic.

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