Habits That Can Wreck Teeth: By Dr. Siddharth Jain (BDS, MDS)

Some habits are very hard to avoid, but some habits are good to avoid. These habits affect our proper functioning of body. Like dental health if not maintained deter the gum and enamel. In this article, we will discuss which product can affect the health of oral density.

  • Playing Without Mouth Guard: While playing any contact sports, it is necessary to wear a mouth guard. Without this your teeth could get chipped or get knocked out. A self-fitting mouth guard can be bought from medical store or can be made by dentist.
  • Tongue Piercings: Tongue ornaments can be trendy. But metal studs can also hurt the tooth enamel or gums. It can also raise infections and sores. Thus, consult a dentist before preparing to do such piercings.
  • Candy and Cough Drops: All kinds of sugar promote tooth decay. Sugar is then activate bacteria production in mouth. Results in acid promotion. It also produces a plaque generation around gums and teeth.
  • Opening stuff with Mouth: Opening bottle caps and plastic packets can be a convenient option, but it hurts the gums. It can crack or chip the teeth. In simple, avoid using teeth for such activities.
  • Starchy Foods: Starchy foods attract bacteria. Bacteria can start working on the gums and teeth and can promotes tooth decay. Flossing is a good option to avoid such decay. Starchy foods like potato chips should be taken in small amounts.
  • Chewing on Toys: Infants mostly chew on toys, as they contain lead and other toxins. Such toxins can stick on the gums and teeth. These toxins can affect the enamel. Avoiding such may reduce the chances of getting it infected.
  • Caffeine: Coffee and other caffeine drinks can also affect the tooth and discoloration. Over a long time, it can cause yellowing of teeth. It is easy to minimize the coloration by whitening method. Getting it checked by a specialist orthodontist
  • Smoking: Tobacco products can stain teeth and affect the gum also. As they can result into falling of teeth and also cause cancer as well. For well-rounded teeth cleaning consult a dentist.
  • Hard Drinks: Beverages that are high on alcohol content, they behave very hard on the enamel. Red wine, coloring pigments stick on to the teeth. This stays on the teeth. Avoiding drinking too much hard drinks.

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