Smile Designing/Cosmetic Dentist In India; Udaipur – Dr. Mahak Jain

Smile is the best curve of the human Body.


Flourosis is now a days most common problem occuring in young population In India and world wide. We have so many of the patients from around the world who wants to make their smile beautiful and have whiter teeth. Simple cleaning and polishing can not resolve the Problem.

At our Clinics Dr. Mahak Jain examine and evaluate the patient for smile designing purpose. Smile designing is not just to give caps to the patients, vertical height, overjet, over bite also has to me maintiained. Veneers are now a days trending for yellowish discoloration of teeth whuch causes less harm to tooth structure and give the desirable smile to the patient. Root canal and caps are also done in some patients which can be evaluated after examine the level of flourosis on the teeth. Because if you visit us in initial stage of flourosis it can be easily corrected by veneers but once the level of florosis is high teeth get chipped off so for that Root Canal Treatment and caps are given.

Dr. Mahak Jain Is a Cosmetic Dentist practicing in Udaipur since last 9 years ans having very skillful hand for cosmetic dentistry. Our clients are from around the world and satisfied with the treatment. Mumbai dental clinic & Implant Centre – Udaipur ( is a perfect destination for your smile designing purpose in Udaipur. We provide complete package to the patient including Flight, accomodation, treatment, city tour etc.

If you are also affected with bad teeth and want to improve your smile Book an appointment with us Today:

Mumbai dental clinic & Implant Centre – Udaipur




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