6 Things Everyone Should Know About Wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom tooth removal is a common surgical procedure to remove one or more wisdom teeth. The process of wisdom tooth removal is carried out by dentists or a special surgeon working in dental clinics and hospitals. It is one of the dental surgeries which requires two to three weeks of recovery time.

Dental Specialists in Udaipur recommends getting wisdom teeth removed even if they are not causing any problem. There are chances that over time wisdom teeth can cause issues like cavities, gum disease, less room in the jaw (which can be painful), and may grow in a wrong angle.

If you are going for wisdom tooth removal, here are some points to keep in mind for a smooth experience during and after surgery


Clear all doubts before surgery

Surgery: Whether it is small or big, you should clear all your doubts before going for it. Ask your dentists about all the expenses, time of surgery, all the precautionary measures, medication, etc. it is very important to be aware of every small detail about the surgery.


Don’t go alone for surgery

Even if you are very brave and can deal with dental procedures without anyone’s support, it is important that you take someone along with you on the surgery day.

Make sure someone is with you on the surgery day as you will be medicated and might need some help. During surgery, you are given anesthesia, and everyone reacts differently to anesthesia. The impact of anesthesia can last up to a few hours after surgery. Under anesthesia, you won’t be able to do tasks like driving or going home alone. Dentists who provide Dental Treatment Services in Udaipur says that it is important that someone accompanies you on your dental surgery day, as it not only ensures good moral support but also you are better-taken care of till you reach home and come out of anesthesia completely.


Eat soft food

After surgery, it is advisable that you eat soft food. Eating hard and sticky food can hurt the treated area and complicate the healing process. To feed your hungry stomach, you can rely on smoothies and soups for a week or two.


Brushing your teeth

Does not matter how irresistible the urge you get to brush your teeth, you should ignore it for a day or two after the surgery. Brushing your teeth on the same day after surgery can disturb the stitches or surgery cuts and start the pain.

For the first two days, you can gently rinse your mouth with warm water and if you want, you can clean your tongue and teeth with a soft clean cloth. After two days, you can start gently brushing your teeth without hurting the newly operated sensitive area. Dental clinics that provide Wisdom Tooth Removal Service in Udaipur advise their patients to use a soft bristle toothbrush in the initial few weeks after surgery.


Take good rest

After the wisdom tooth removal surgery, it is important that you take proper rest for some days. You will be given some painkillers and other medication for healing, taking some good rest and sound sleep will help in quick healing.

Don’t smoke

Avoid smoking after surgery for a few weeks, as it can delay the healing process. Avoiding smoking for a few days can also motivate you to quit this “not so good” habit, which can benefit your overall health.

After surgery, there are chances that you experience some pain and swelling. You can use prescribed painkillers and ice packs to ease the pain and swelling. If these symptoms get worse reach out to your dentist without making any delay.

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