Five Oral Problems Caused by Smoking

Smoking has very harsh effects on health despite knowing the fact; the majority of smokers do not quit this habit. Smoking not only increases the risk of cancer or lung and brain damage but also has a very bad effect on oral health.

Implant dentists in Udaipur have listed the following oral problems caused by smoking:-

Bad Breath

The very first effect of smoking on your oral health is bad breath. Bad breath caused by smoking is very hard to get rid of and at times bad breath can be quite embarrassing. It can also cause degrees of discomfort and distress which can result in low self-esteem. Orthodontics doctors in Udaipur say that bad breath is impacting the quality of life. To get rid of fresh breath one should immediately stop smoking and stop consuming tobacco-related products.

Tooth discoloration 

Nicotine and tobacco product not only causes bad breath but can also affect the color of your teeth. Smoking can stain your teeth and result in discoloration. If you continue smoking it may get hard to restore your original teeth color. Dental Hospitals in Udaipur say that stains on the teeth can be prevented by avoiding tobacco products. There are many types of toothpaste available in the market which can help you in minimizing the discoloration in teeth and if the problem persists then you must visit the dentist at regular intervals.

Slow healing process         

Yes! You heard that right. When you smoke many harmful chemicals enters in your bloodstream and lowers the level of oxygen in your body. The reduced oxygen level in the blood causes slow healing of wounds in the mouth which can result in more serious and painful infections. To keep your oral health good you must avoid smoking and start consuming things which are healthy for your overall health.

Inflammation in salivary gland

Smoking reduces saliva productions in your mouth, and lack of saliva results in dryness of the mouth. Dry mouth then results in inflammation, fungal infection, and inflammation of major salivary glands. Infections in salivary glands can be painful and full of discomfort. Such infection causes tenderness and swelling in the mouth. If smoked for a long period decreases the secretion of salvia. Dentist for Dental implants in Udaipur says that chances of inflammation in salivary gland are more in smokers as compared to nonsmokers.

Risk of oral cancer 

Continuous use of tobacco-related products is the main reason for oral cancer. Smoking causes genetic changes in the mouth cavity. Smokers are on a high risk of getting oral cancer as compared to non-smokers. Half of the oral cancer patients have a history of smoking. Oral cancer affects the tongue and lower part of the month and if the things get worse, these parts are removed by surgery. Surgeries are done to treat oral cancer result in a change in mouth shape, ability to chew, eat, and speak. If you quit smoking at the right time, the chances of getting saved by oral cancer can be reduced.

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