Ultimate Dental Tips For White Teeth- By Siddharth Jain (BDS, MDS)

Say Cheese!!

It is the word we say when our camera man says to smile.  We all heard that word now or then, purpose of saying say cheese, so that people can smile while clicking the picture.

But all is spoilt, when we have a improper dental health and makes our smile dull. Some will say, not taking care is one but wrong care is equally bad for your teeth. But all is not lost. These dental tips will bring back the shine on your teeth.

  1. Brush Properly: Proper brushing is very vital for every person. Proper Brushing not only include teeth, but tongue, and your gums as well. Keeping the brush tilted at 45 degrees, gently brush up and down giving a proper attention to each area. This will help in avoiding bad breath and keep the mouth germ free.
  2. Have a Teeth Friendly Diet: We eat that tastes good. But such food also tends to be bad for our oral region. They tend to cause bacteria, which will result into cause cavities. Have a diet which includes fruits, nuts and green vegetables. These tend to mend the bad breath and give our oral cavity free from unwanted bacteria to penetrate.
  3. Reduce intake of  Soda and Alcohol: We all know how bad is tobacco for our mouth. In the same way, soda and alcohol also disrupts our oral culture. These contain phosphorous and overdose of such mineral is bad for our mouth. giving way to various gum disease and weaken enamel. Instead take juice which provides a better shield against bacteria.
  4. Visit Dentist Periodically: Giving periodic visit to doctor is essential as, they will help in advising more clinical suggestion for better care. A highly specialized dental clinic can provide better recommendation.

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