What is Dental Plaque and How to Prevent Them- By Dr. Siddharth Jain (BDS, MDS)

When food byproducts and proteins mix to form a sticky film it is called plaque. This filmy substance coats the teeth and gum line. This plaque contains bacteria which can damage the tooth enamel leading to cavities. It can turn worse, if it hardens and turns into tartar. Usually, when plaque is in its mildest phase, it can be removed, if you brush, floss and mouthwash on regular basis. There are many ways to prevent plaque building in the gum line. These tips are,

  1. Regular Brushing: Brushing regularly daily 2 times a day, will help in removing the plaque. Use soft bristles for better overall cleaning. Make sure to reach hard places with brushing to avoid such build-up.
  2. Use Tartar Control Toothpaste: Apply toothpaste that are rich in fluoride, and help in reducing the tartar in the enamel region. It also helps in repairing the areas. Some paste also contains Triclosan, which fights bacteria as well.
  3. Use Mouthwash: Mouthwash is also an effective measure to ward off plaques. Mouthwash contains various bacteria killing properties. They cleans the tooth, it also cleans hard to reach places. They also build up a shield from future attacks.
  4. Watch your diet: Bacteria majorly live on sugary and starchy foods. When they are exposed, they start eating them. It results into; they release harmful acids which harms our gums and teeth. Regular brushing and drinking ample amount of water makes bacteria less harsh.
  5. No Tobacco and Alcohol: People, who are prone to consume alcohol and tobacco, are having a higher likelihood of getting tartar. It is suggested that, reducing the intake will reduce the impact of tartar building in the mouth.

Following these tips, will help in combating plaque and diminish tartar build-up in the mouth. The better you take care of your mouth. Also, be sure to visit your dentist regularly for maximum care. If you think you have a serious dental issue, schedule an appointment with a dental doctor right away. The sooner you address the problem, easier will be to treat.

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